How it works

POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE helps to establish a relationship between clients or industrial service providers, and all the postage prospects made available by traditional post offices or mass service providers, and/or offices of exchange.

Indeed, there are multiple options available depending on the requirements of the shipment (domestic or international) that we have rationalised.

POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE is exclusively aimed at professionals issuing a minimum volume of 2000 mailshots per postage transaction.


The goal for the user of the website is to find promptly, in an optimised and automated manner, the best possible postage options (in terms of cost, timeframes…). This is achieved by entering a few specifications (weight, dimensions, content, number of mail items per country, or a list of postal codes) and POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE generates, in accordance with its databases, the best choice of service providers among all the possible alternatives (private, public, destination).

There may be several postal service providers eligible to carry out a single transaction. The outcome is transmitted to the post office in question and/or private postal service providers in the form of an order transaction which they subsequently carry out.

How to be part of Postal Operators Network