Having an extensive experience of 20 years, the POSTAL & PARCELS STOCK EXCHANGE team has developed outstanding expertise in postage and parcels optimisation.

Whether it concerns the regulations of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) or inter-country procedures, POSTAL & PARCELS STOCK EXCHANGE is an expert in this complex and constantly-changing environment.

We have also played a major role in the implementation of alternative solutions in European countries and we are today in position to advise you or to make you benefit from our know-how of this area in order to successfully carry out your mailshots and parcels.

International postal regulations,
as well as the distinctive paticularities
of every postal and parcels service providers have become
features that are updated on a daily basis.

POSTAL & PARCELS STOCK EXCHANGE is a registered trademark in EU and USA.
PSE brings together a database of various postage and carriers rates issued by postal service providers (national or private), as well as their technical requirements (prepaid postage, sorting, packaging…). These rates and/or technical requirements are updated daily. New actors, being whether postal service providers and carriers, contribute on a daily basis to the interactive improvement of your optimisation.