Postal Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange network between Postal service providers.
The ultimate goal is to combine the networks in order to offer your customers the best solution and to trade between partners while becoming an important purchasing force while maintaining your independence and confidentiality.
1.That each member has access to the best rates for international destinations.
2.To develop an European and worlwide network of buying and selling postage, while leaving everyone autonomy and its customers.
3.Each partner becomes both buyer and seller in a powerful network.
2 billions items/year (crossborder volume).


Each member makes available to the network the rates they want via the Postal Stock Exchange interface (dedicated interface) and a free training.

The partner is still free to delete or add any rates, to manage margin, at any time.

It thus receives buy and sell orders from each entity of the network and also benefits from the direct contracts negotiated by PSE. PSE manages the relations between partners of the network (including shipment if necessary) :

  • Database,
  • Automated document exchange:
  • Invoices, pallet sheet, technical sheet and transport (pick up and shipment).

PSE is buying and selling inside the network so as to secure all financial and logistic operations.

Each member has a private account to access to his interface where he can manage his rates, buying if it is necessary and interesting for him or manage all the order he will receive from the network.

private operators,
on your desk !

  • Manage order
  • Buying
  • Rates
  • Manage selling
  • Follow sales and order

Partner benefits:


  • Contribution of new flows from the other members of the network
  • (French, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Swiss etc.)
  • Contribution of a significant turnover from all Europe.
  • And it is free…


  • Access to a very competitive tariff offer for each country and a multiplicity of offer for local injection and/or worldwide destinations.
  • Reliability of postal partners (prior audit by PSE).
  • Independent management of its customers (it keeps the confidentiality of its customers)
  • It manages its rates and margin independently at anytime.


  • PSE, (with the help of the partners) negotiates with the posts according to a volume multiplied by the number of partners' items (purchasing power).

Postal Operator Interface


  • You do an optimization
  • You order
  • You receive the proof of deposit
  • You manage your order selling power.


  • You manage your rates
  • You receive an order and a prealert
  • You receive the payment
  • You receive and process the material